Conference Policies

More than anything, we believe in being clear and open about our policies. Below is important information regarding how we function at our conference that will help you perform better.


Each delegate will be evaluated by their chair on facets including amount of times they have spoken, the effectiveness of their speeches, and their performance in unmoderated caucus. To view our full awards policy, see below:

Position Papers

We view position papers as a key component of each delegate's research and preparation. Position papers, regardless of committee, are due by November 14th at midnight to committee chairs. Delegates who do not turn in their position papers by the deadline will be ineligible for awards; however, if they turn in their paper at the conference, they will still receive edits and feedback. 


No component of any working papers may be written prior to the conference. Delegates who are found with prewritten operative or preambulatory clauses will be immediately ineligible for awards and potentially subject to further action, dependent on the severity of their actions. We take the experience of every delegate in our committees very seriously, and do not wish for anyone to be on a higher playing field than another individual.